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Our Story

PJ Wanderscheid is 31 years old, younger brother of Country Cat owners Mark & David Wanderscheid, started snowmobiling  when he was only 3 years old on his Kitty Cat. He rode that until he got his first full size sled at age 8 on a 73 Cheetah. At age 10 he drove anything that Country Cat had sitting around from Pumas to Thundercats. PJ started racing at around age 11 on radar runs and quickly moved into grass drags at age 12 winning most of the classes he entered. At age 14 he tried his first Ice Lemans race and loved it. Next, at age 15, he won the Junior Championship for the 14-15 age bracket. The next year he moved into the Junior 16-17 class & Sport class. Mid-Season he had so many wins he was forced to move up into Semi-Pro class. His first week out in Semi-Pro he won both stock classes he entered and the rest of the year he took more wins.

Since he started his professional Ice Oval racing career in 2002 at age 18, PJ Wanderscheid and his team have won many championships. He has even won the coveted Eagle River World Championship 4 times, becoming the only racer in the world to be a 4-time Eagle River World Champion in its 49 year history. He has also won numerous points championships and other awards:

2002 WSA Pro Open Points Champion ~ 2002 WSA Pro 440 Points Champion
2002 Race Team of the Year ~ 2002 Eagle River World Champion
2003 WSA Pro Ice Overall Points Champion ~ 2003 Woody's Triple Crown Winner
2003 Eagle River World Champion ~ 2003 Snow Week Racer of the Year
2005 USSA Pro Champion ~ 2006 1st in Pro Champ
2006 1st in Pro Formula ~ 2006 WSA Pro Champion
2006 Eagle River World Champion ~ 2007 WSA Pro Open Points Champion
2008 WSA Pro Champ Points Champion ~ 2008 WSA Pro Open Points Champion
2009 WSA Pro Champ Points Champion ~ 2009 WSA Pro Champion
2010 Canadian Power Tobaggan Championships Champion ~ 2010 Central Wisconsin Triple Crown Winner
2010 ORA High Point Driver ~ 2010 Eagle River World Championship Runner-Up
2011 - Eagle River World Champion - First 4 Time Champion Ever!!!
2011 U.S. Nationals Champ 440 Winner ~ 2011 Wausau 525 Champ 440 Champion
2011 Canadian Power Toboggan Championships Winner
2011 ORA Champ 440 Points Champion ~ 2011 ORA Pro Open Points Champion
2012 TLR Cup Winner

Additional Videos from the First Ever 4 Time Eagle River Win!!!

Friday Night Sweet Sixteen victory automatically qualifying for Sunday's World Championship and grabbing the pole position.

Friday Night Sweet Sixteen Victory video, Click Here

2011 Kings on Ice, Click Here